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I see you there in your pinstripe jeans and off centred hat

Whoa! Cause I never said I’d miss you too!!

Reinvent <3
2 November 1989
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UMMM....ME= Bass, Music and Mad!!

Bass- blatently the best instrument invented and the people who play it are just a little bit awesome.

Music- Not joking it really has saved my life and could not live without it.

My Chemical Romance-Best band ever!! saved my life at least once. Cool band people and downright awesome.

Power Rangers-What can i say they really should rule the world.

Russel Brand and Noel feilding-!!!GOTH DETECTIVES AND REAL LIFE LEDGENDS!!! end of

Our band the most awesome thing ever
Basically goes like this: Me-bass, backing vocals and lyrist
Holly-guitar and backing vocals 2
Wil-lead guitar, backing vocals 3