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Yay writers Block is gone
Sorted Out the problems with my friends
Got Money to buy new amps

Life Sucks

SO many problems at the moment
Firstly I have major writers block can't seem to write anymore...so kind of a problem
Secondly I have mocks coming up so that'll be FUN!
And the stupid thing is I maybe falling for one of my best friends but I don't know what to do about it.
                         Ever get the feeling your all alone, even if your not.

Put your itunes or media player on shuffle and write the title of the song for your answer

01. Are you male or female?
Just say yes

02. Describe yourself.

03. What do people feel when they're around you?

04. How would you describe your previous relationship?
The young and hopeless

05. Describe your current relationship.
Pretty tied up

06. Where would you want to be now?
A forest (tree mix)

07. How do you feel about love?
The patron saint of liars and fakes

08. What's your life like?
Raw power

09. What would you ask for if you had only one wish?
My moves are white (white hot, that is)

10. Say something wise.
Vampires will never hurt you

11. What do you want to do/be in the future?

12. Describe your home life.

13. What would your last words be?
One hundred years

14. Describe your car.
Letter bomb

15. Describe your style.
We never change


sound track to my life

Opening Credits: When you were Young-The killers

Waking up: Flat on the floor-Nickelback

First Day at High school: Welcome to the jungle- Guns N’ Roses

Falling In Love: Sugar, We’re Goin’ down- Fall Out Boy

Fight Song: Immigrant Song- Led Zeppelin

Breaking up: Demolition Lovers-MCR

Prom: Who’s got a match-Biffy Clyro

Life: Walk this way-Aerosmith

Mental Breakdown: I’m not okay (I promise)- MCR

Driving: Here we go-Paramore

Getting Back Together: To Be Loved…- Papa Roach

Wedding: your sweet 666- H.I.M

Birth of Child: Born for this-Paramore

Final Battle: live and let die-Guns N' Roses

Death Scene: Dear god-avenged sevenfold

Funeral Song: Modern myth-30 seconds to mars

End Credits: Thnks fr th mmrs-Fall Out Boy